Ohana Means FAMILY! | Celebrating Family Fun Month with CLE

Posted on August 12 2019

 "Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten"... a quote spoken by one of the world's wisest souls, Stitch. 

Apply here to join OUR CLE FAMILY!

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This August, also known as FAMILY FUN MONTH, we are living by Stitch’s wise words here at CLE & honoring #therealteamCLE. 

We love our CLE family & we are looking to expand! We want you to join us… but only if you love Cleveland as much as we do. CLE is a team of Cleveland-loving, hard-working, fun and creative individuals who came together to create and spread the brand we love so much. The best part about working here is definitely the people, so to show off some of #therealteamcle , it was only right that we show you what team Cle is all about.


To recap a little about our warehouse staff:

First up, Mike.

He's the Founder and Owner of CLE Clothing Company. Mike started CLE in 2008 with the hopes of creating a company and community to share his love for the greatest city in the world… Cleveland, duh. Mike loves to “reinvent” the company each year through new designs, opportunities and other endeavors around the Cleveland area, which is exactly what he’s working on as. we. speak!




Laura is the Chief Operations Officer, but she’s also Mike’s wife and CLE’s fabulous momager. She practically runs this place! From finances, to testing products, to “anything Mike doesn’t want to deal with”, Laura keeps the ship sailing smoothly. Laura will never forget the absolute Cleveland CHAOS that came the day Lebron announced his return the land. Luckily, she and the store were ready for the excitement that captured Cleveland that day and for years to come… & have no fear, the Cleveland excitement remains. I mean have you seen Baker’s (many) cellies? 





 Jamie is our head of HR and Culture. In other words, it's her job to make sure everyone does their job while having a great time doing it. Jamie loves being able to work with those who share her goals, values and have become some of her best friends. If you hope to get hired, get on Jamie’s good side… she’s in charge of creating the cohesive and inspiring atmosphere within #therealteamcle. 

Matt is a graphic designer here at CLE. He loves working in a smaller environment in a growing city like Cleveland. He believes that the designs, pride and joy that CLE spreads truly shape the culture of Cleveland. That’s his favorite part about working here. 

Stephanie is our warehouse manager. If you ever call CLE to check up on an order or to thank us for how unbelievably soft and comfortable our shirts are, she’s the one who will answer the phone! She’s also in charge of getting all customer and store orders prepared and ready to go. Stephanie calls CLE her family, and I couldn’t agree more. 

Kayla is our Director of Purchasing and Head of I.T.. She makes sure the website is up and running, new releases come out smoothly and stores are stocked and ready for our loyal customers. You might wonder how it’s possible that each and every one of our shirts is absolutely flawless… that’s all Kayla. She sorts through each batch to make sure every product is pure Cleveland perfection. 



Apply NOW to become a part of the #realteamcle.


***We have positions available at every location, and we can’t wait to see what this new pool of applicants bring to our tee-shirt-designing-&-selling table. The next few months are going to be SUPER exciting here at CLE… fresh designs, new customizations and continued partnership throughout the Cleveland community. Join the Real Team CLE now!

Oh, and go Browns it's #preseason, baby!


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